EP 17: 5 Ways To Create Authority In Your Online Business

Putting your steak in the ground and establishing your authority and credibility online is essential for an online business with longevity. In this episode I talk about 5 major ways you can put your business/brand on another level as an online marketer and business owner. Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud or Download     Video Episode 17    

EP 16: Abundance mindset – Develop an Unstoppable Force For Good

Developing an abundance mindset is absolutely essential for your success in anything you do in life. Like a muscle, you can develop an abundance mindset that will allow you to attract more, do more and have more abundance of anything you want in your life. Subscribe on iTunes, SoundCloud or Download     Video Episode 16    

EP 15: Chris Record: 3 Steps to kill it with affiliate marketing

Chris Record is a serial entrepreneur and a top affiliate marketer in the online marketing industry doing multiple 6 & 7 figure product launches. He is the founder and creator of InternetMarketingbar.com and the creator of Dark Post Profits 2.0 which is one of the most extensive Facebook marketing courses on the market. The conversation I had with Chris was … Read More

EP 14: Ray Higdon: Foreclosure To Multimillion Dollar Home Business Expert

It was only a few years ago that Ray was faced with personal foreclosure and has now built a multimillion dollar per year coaching and training business. His blog averages over 2 million hits per month, he has risen to the top as the #1 income earner in his Network Marketing company, is the host of the Home Business Profits … Read More

Weird random adventures – go on one!

Life is an amazing thing. Sometimes we get caught up in the fog of life with work, school, taking care of kids (I don’t have any yet thankfully), daily errands, *insert responsibility here*, yet we sometimes never stop to recharge our mind and bodies. I know for me personally, even though I absolutely LOVE what I do for a living … Read More

Online Business Plan That Works (3 keys for success)

If you are looking for an online business plan, you have a few options. This is one of them. If you are searching for an online business plan, there is a possibility that you are somewhat of a “newbie” online marketer trying to figure out how this online business stuff works. I have worked with and coaching many people looking … Read More

How to embed a YouTube video in WordPress [Video Tutorial]

 If you are looking how to get your stinkin’ video embedded into your WordPress website or blog, you have found the perfect place because I am going to very easily show you how to make this happen! How to embed a YouTube video in WordPress [Video Tutorial]   What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below..  

How To Do Keyword Research [Video Tutorial]

  What is Keyword Research?    Keyword research is quite possibly the most important part of getting your YouTube video or blog post seen by human eyeballs. Is is one of, if not the most important factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You cannot begin to plan for a campaign/YouTube video/blog post unless you know which phrases  you are targeting, … Read More

How To Make Facebook Ad Images Fast & Easy

How To Make Facebook Ad Images [Video Tutorial]   If you are looking to create easy and simple Facebook ad images than you have definitely come to the right place. You don’t need to be a graphic design artist or be some super creative person to create simple Facebook ad images, all you need is keynote for mac!   2 Main … Read More