Overcoming Setbacks and Failure

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Emotional Intelligence – Why your EQ makes or beaks you

If you are wanting to learn how to turn your passion into a thriving online business, click here. First, what is “Intelligence”? Have you ever noticed some people that are not very “intelligent” in the eyes of society (kids that drop out of school or don’t do so well in traditional education) achieve much more and are far more fulfilled … Read More

EP 36: Im Not You with Former NFL Running Back Olaniyi Sobomehin

Olaniyi is a former New Orleans Saints NFL running back, current firefighter & entrepreneur who is making a big impact. He dedicated his life to re-up when others gave up, to dominate while others competed. Now NiShoBo (for short) works with young elite athletes, training them to develop the habits & mindset necessary to dominate their sport and their life. His … Read More

EP 35: How To Create a Star Brand with Carolina Rogoll

Carolina is the Author of Star Brands: A Brand Managers Guide to Build, Manage and Market Brands. She has been building brands for over a decade and has been on the faculty of the first-ever Masters in Branding program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC since 2011.   Subscribe on iTunes,  SoundCloud or Download   Tailored Entrepreneur Podcast Carolina’s … Read More

Dreams really do come true

Dreams really do come true.. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. I 150% believe that if you can believe it, imagine it and take action daily, you can make anything happen. I know first hand in many ways (personally) that dreams can manifest in reality, but one of the biggest realizations recently is due to my good friend and business … Read More