EP 54: What I Learned in 2015

Well its time to head into 2016 and say our goodbyes to 2015. Since the start of my entrepreneurial career (if you want to call it a career?) in early 2013, I have had various ups and downs in with levels of success, as should be EXPECTED when going down such a path. However, 2015 threw a whole new set … Read More

EP 53: How fitness will help you conquer LIFE

FIRST of all, Merry Christmas!! Ok, now on to today’s topic =) …. One of my favorite quotes is “when in doubt, go workout!”. This couldn’t be anymore true for my life. I believe that almost anything that I have been able to accomplish in life is from overcoming “that little voice” in my head. In my opinion there is … Read More

EP 52: Staying Focused While Under Pressure

When we are in high pressure situations, many times that is the hardest time to stay focused! In these moments we think irrationally and get easily side tracked from out real goals. In today’s episode I talk about how to stay FOCUSED and maintain your course no matter the storm you might be in. Subscribe on iTunes,  SoundCloud or Download   … Read More

EP 51: Overly Positive Polly Vs Getting Results

  Is it possible to be “overly positive”? While I personally believe being “overly positive” is responsible for a lot of the success that I’ve ever achieved in life, I also think it hurt me in many ways. Big time. When you are “overly Positive”, its easy to get caught in the fog (or la-la-land) of “everything is A-Ok and … Read More

EP 50: Always Be Closing – ABC of Success

In today’s episode Ander’s (from SuccessInTheUS.com) and I talk about the “ABC for Success. A.b.c. stands for Always Be Closing. “ABC” is an awareness, mindset and responsible for getting results! Subscribe on iTunes,  SoundCloud or Download   TailoredEtv & Podcast Anders’s websites and contact info: SuccessInTheUS.com Facebook   Did you enjoy the podcast? What was your biggest take away from today’s … Read More