EP 56: Easy Hard Vs Hard Easy Path In Life

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     Going for what you desire in life without proper discipline can sometimes feel like you’re swimming up stream, running on a hamster wheel, or treading water while holding a brick above your head! Its hard.

The easy-hard path..

The “easy-hard” path in life is deceitful. It will happily KILL any chance you have of true lasting success. Many times, we are desperate for the answer.. ie; the quickest way to make money online, the fastest way to rock solid abs, the FASTEST way to loose fat. Most of us are constantly looking for the “easy” way to get what we want in life. We buy countless products to solve a problem, then never end up using the product because we are constantly being sold a “FASTER and EASIER WAY” (for ONLY $19.95) to get what we desire.

The “easy-hard” path puts us into a lifetime of pain looking for the “magic pill solution” (avoiding work), thus, leaving you with no results and frustration.

Whats the TRUE answer?…..

The hard-easy path…

This quote explains it very well: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison.

….Deep down we all know how to get exactly what we want….

If ISIS got a hold of your family and said they are all going to DIE if you don’t figure out how to make $5,000 (legally & ethically) online in the next 90 days, you would do WHATEVER it took to figure it out in 30 DAYS.

If you knew your family would DIE if you couldn’t drop to your ideal weight in the next 90 days, YOU WOULD DO IT!

Ok, I know, your family dying is an extreme example but I am trying to make a strong point here. Deep down we all know what we have to do to get what we want. The problem is, its a LOT of work and mental pain at times. If you want true lasting success in anything, there is NO avoiding an insane amount of consistent hard work.

If you can just get yourself to take a serious self analysis of your situation and ask yourself “self, what do I need to do consistently (every day, to the best of my ability), that will get me results over a long period of time?” Once you come to that conclusion, do that.

This could be, getting better at YouTube videos and making a video every day or doing a daily/weekly podcast. This could be going to the gym every day, eating healthy every day, approaching girls every day (to get your ideal mate), or whatever!

You need to go after the hard things that demand work, growth and mental exertion to get what you want and to grow. When you go after the hard things in life, yes they are HARD, that’s how its supposed to be (otherwise EVERYONE would do it), but when you overcome the hard things, life gets a lot easier. You actually achieve what you want and are in control of your own life.


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