EP 55: Do This Daily To Make More Money

If you are wondering how you can ensure to increase you income over time, then pay attention and listen in on today’s episode! I remember back in 2013 working at my 9-5 listening to Brian Tracy, he would always say that the more money he invested into his personal and business development, his income would go up! I never understood this at the time of listening to his audios back then. I asked myself “How can simply listening to these audios magically make my income go up?!” All I knew is that I would follow his advice, and I did. Anyways.. I really enjoyed listening to the audios.. Brian was pleasant to listen to and I also felt good about myself after!

Guess what happened over time after listening to his stuff and other personal development “gurus”? Sure enough, it worked!! I increase my income more that 5X in less than 2 years from listening and growing daily. Its amazing how the human mind works when you’re consistent. Check out today’s episode where I go into more detail!


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