EP 59: 6 Habits Of Successful People That Cost Nothing

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When in doubt, follow these success habits and re-rout! As the billionaire Warren Buffet says:

“Most people have the skills for success, but you have to develop the habits of success”

When you’re not sure if you are on the right path to success/your ideal, how do you know if you are moving in the right direction? Sometimes its hard to say. In my opinion, even if you feel lost or unsure if you’re on the right path, develop these 6 successful habits and you will undoubtedly get back on top before you know it!

1.Wake Up Early

If you’re not naturally a “morning” person, this can be a hard one. There are many highly successful people who get up wakeup-earlybetween 4am and 5am, such as, Howard Schultz – Starbucks CEO, Richard Branson – Founder of the Virgin group, Jeff Immelt – GE CEO and Ursula Burns – Xerox CEO. While getting up early wont guarantee you’ll be a founder and/or CEO of a major company some day, getting up early can give you a sense of happiness and accomplishment to push towards your goals!

2. Write Down Daily Tasks

One of my favorite books is Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. In this book, Brian talks about getting MUCH more done in WAY to-doLESS time! The key point in the book: Each day, write down your most important task(s), in order from most important to least important. I have followed this principal for a while now and have found it to be one of the biggest factors to achieving more each and every day!


Internationally known speaker, author and entrepreneur Peter Gale, wrote the book, Your Network Is Your Net Worth, I think the title speaks for itself!

group of business folk / all networking together / to generate cash

Another world famous entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn is known for saying:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

I believe this quote and title of Peter Gales book couldn’t be any more true, especially in my life. Anytime you can spend time meeting, networking and masterminding with people who are at a higher level than you, you will pick up on new tips, tricks and ideas to go further than you would have been able to do otherwise.

4. Visualize & Set Goal

On my podcast I have interviewed many high achievers and entrepreneurs such as Neil Patel – Founder of CrazyEgg, Quickvisualize-yourself Sprout and Hello Bar, Jairek Robbins (Tony Robbins son) – international speaker and performance coach, Ray Higdon – 8 figure Network Marketer and business coach, and many others.

What I have found from interviewing these high achievers and entrepreneurs is that almost every single one of them visualize the results they want in VIVID detail at the same time, they set goals to achieve what they visualize.

 5. Put down the remote and pick up a book

With “main stream media” shifting to social media, its hard to single out the TV. However, I don’t think I can name a single Sucess-habbits-Lambomillionaire or (especially) billionaire who watches much if ANY TV. Ok, I do have to admit, I am a Walking Dead fan! However, I personally try to not watch much, if any TV. As much as I love the Walking Dead, I can watch the replay if I have not got what I needed done for the day. Along with limiting or cutting out TV time, this includes YouTube and Facebook video rants! Basically not getting distracted with any irrelevant tasks other than your most important tasks (mentioned in our second habit).

So, rather than watching TV and stumbling into the endless rabbit hole of YouTube videos or watching kitty cat videos on Facebook, pick up an educational (keyword) book. Continually read books and expand your knowledge of your profession and niche market.

6. Challenge Your Mind & Body

One of the BIGGEST habits to adopt to go to the next level, is to challenge your body and mind, hence get out side of your comfort zone! One of the most simple (not easy but simple) ways to challenge your comfort zone and will-power is to take your-comfort-Zonefreezing cold showers. I know, it sounds crazy. But I’m serious, if you can force yourself to take cold showers, not only will you feel amazing mentally, physically and gain a ton of health benefits (just Google “cold shower benefits”), but you will slowly break down your “comfort walls” and have the confidence to take on bigger tasks!

If not cold showers, find some way to “shock” the mind & body. This might be giving a public speach, approaching a crush, or resolving an issue between a friend or family member that’s been haunting you for years that you have been putting off.


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