EP 60: Employee vs Entrepreneur Mindset – Which Is It For You?

Employee vs Entrepreneur Mindset

The employee vs entrepreneur mindset is an interesting topic. Some people believe “entrepreneurs are born, not made” or some people are naturally good sales people and being an entrepreneur is natural to them. While that might be true, becoming an entrepreneur can be learned (as with anything), however, you need to develop the entrepreneur mindset before you can even think about succeeding as an entrepreneur. Before I talk about the entrepreneur mindset, I want to dig into the mindset of an employee first.

Employee Mindset:

First off, if you really enjoy your job, this part probably wont apply to you. From a young age (unless you grew up with successful parents who were entrepreneurs) a majority of us were raised into the mindset to become an employee. We are taught to go to school, get good grades in high school so you can get into a good college in order to get a good paying job. I’m not here to knock school or jobs, BUT, if you have an itch to become an entrepreneur (you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t), the sound of “going to school” to get “good grades” so you can “get a good paying job” sounds like nails on a chalk board.

As an employee, it is very comfortable. You might be thinking, “HA, comfortable? No, my job is tough and VERY stressful!” Here is what I mean. You are given a specific time to work, time to eat, time take a break. You are given specific daily tasks (sometimes repetitive), and specific deadlines for these tasks. Everything is laid out for you, including the amount of money you’re allowed to earn. You are comfortable knowing, if you push through the week at work, you will have that paycheck.

Additionally, knowing that everything is laid out for you as an employee and the longer you are an employee, it can be easy to let go of the creative part of your mind. You go on “auto-pilot”. Developing this kind of mindset will set you up to become a good employee by unconsciously (or consciously) following rules and guidelines. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you need to get comfortable with being UN-comfortable and think on your own.

Entrepreneur Mindset:

Entrepreneurs focus on their skills and producing. They realize what they’re not good at and hire people to fill their weaknesses. They also don’t sit around to make sure “everything is perfect” before the job is done. They just PRODUCE. Employees work on their weaknesses and are protectionist in hopes that they will get a good check mark on their up coming review.

Entrepreneurs know that failure is many times inevitable and prepare for it rather than trying to avoid it. They are comfortable with being uncomfortable and operating in times of chaos.

Last but not least, entrepreneurs never give up on their overall vision of success and do WHATEVER it takes to success (ethically & legally). Period.


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