Network Marketing Strategies 2016 – Are you doing it ALL WRONG?

Network Marketing Strategies 2016

If you are looking to start your own business to escape the 9-5, joining a network marketing business is one of your best options to work for yourself. Having the right network marketing strategies for 2016 will get your there! Whether or not you peruse network marketing for the long term, it is a great platform to get your feet wet in the world of entrepreneurship.

“If I were given a chance to start all over again, I would choose NETWORK MARKETING” – Bill Gates

With that said, the sad fact is, when people finally pull the trigger and join a network marketing business, 95% of the time, most people fail in the long run.

Why is this?

I personally believe that once the average person exhausts their warm market (friends and family), they get discouraged and quite. For the more ambitious individuals, they exhaust their warm market and start cold contacting/approaching. while this DOES work, it has for decades (if you’re a hell of a charismatic sales person), this is still a very inefficient business model.

Why? Because you are GUESSING who MIGHT be interested in what you have to offer, rather than specifically targeting people you KNOW want your product or opportunity.

Just imagine…

Imagine if you went out prospecting in the mall and everyone had a sign over their head telling you whether or not they were in “the looking window” and ready to buy/join right NOW. Imagine at the same time, you had a sign over your head mlm-strategiesdisplaying what they were already looking for and they tracked YOU down, asking for more info. How easy would it be for you to sell or sponsor them? It would be almost effortless. This is also known as: attraction marketing. You’re attracting people to YOU, not chasing them. This is what you accomplish when you market your product, service or opportunity online.

The Ultimate network marketing strategy for 2016 and beyond

If you want to grow your network marketing business via attraction marketing online, you need a platform, much like a stage. You need to produce valuable free content (videos, blog posts, podcasts, images, etc), consistently, that you’re ideal prospect would want to consume. You distribute this content via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and any other popular social media channels.

MLM strategies social media marketing

For example; if you are in doTERRA (an essential oil network marketing business), you can create YouTube videos or blog posts that talk about the benefits of essential oils. You can also create content about starting your own home based business, and provide valuable tips, tools and strategies that will help someone you might want to work with in the future.

When you create this content, you don’t just guess what people want. You need to create content around topics you KNOW people are already searching for. To do this you can use the Google keyword planner tool to search for keywords around content ideas.

Building your email list…

email-list-onlineWhen creating this content you need to have various CTA’s (Call To Actions), at the end of your video or blog post stating what you want your visitors/followers to do. This can either be a CTA to go to your website to opt-in (them giving you their email address) for a free gift, pdf, video series, etc. At this point you will be adding endless prospects to your email list allowing you to marketing your product, service or opportunity.

I know this might seem like a lot of work, and it definitely is at first, but once you get a rhythm down, you can create and deliver this content fast and easily. I started doing this online strategy for my business in early 2013 and have been full time in my business ever since! If you want personal help growing your network marketing business online, contact me via email here: or message me on Facebook.

If you want more info on one of the main ways I monetize my online business, get more info here.


Network Marketing Strategies 2016

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