Network Marketing Strategies 2016 – Are you doing it ALL WRONG?

Network Marketing Strategies 2016 If you are looking to start your own business to escape the 9-5, joining a network marketing business is one of your best options to work for yourself. Having the right network marketing strategies for 2016 will get your there! Whether or not you peruse network marketing for the long term, it is a great platform … Read More

EP 60: Employee vs Entrepreneur Mindset – Which Is It For You?

Employee vs Entrepreneur Mindset The employee vs entrepreneur mindset is an interesting topic. Some people believe “entrepreneurs are born, not made” or some people are naturally good sales people and being an entrepreneur is natural to them. While that might be true, becoming an entrepreneur can be learned (as with anything), however, you need to develop the entrepreneur mindset before … Read More

EP 59: 6 Habits Of Successful People That Cost Nothing

(scroll down for podcast) When in doubt, follow these success habits and re-rout! As the billionaire Warren Buffet says: “Most people have the skills for success, but you have to develop the habits of success” When you’re not sure if you are on the right path to success/your ideal, how do you know if you are moving in the right … Read More

EP 58: The Truth about Success vs Failure

Hey Ryan Maynard here, If you’re sick of the 9-5 and want to become a laptop-lifestyle entrepreneur in 2016 , click here >> —————————————————      Whatever you set out to do in life, you are going to get some kind of feedback, positive or negative. Your perception of that feedback is going to determined the results you ultimately produce at … Read More

EP 57: Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Hey Ryan Maynard here, If you’re sick of the 9-5 and want to become a laptop-lifestyle entrepreneur in 2016 , click here >> —————————————————      I’m not a very “trendy” person when it comes to fashion, but as far as online and digital marketing trends, I try to stay in the know! Whether you are a one man show or … Read More

EP 56: Easy Hard Vs Hard Easy Path In Life

Hey Ryan Maynard here! If you are curious how you can create the “laptop lifestyle” for yourself, like I have for the last 2 1/2 years, click here… —————————————————      Going for what you desire in life without proper discipline can sometimes feel like you’re swimming up stream, running on a hamster wheel, or treading water while holding a brick … Read More

EP 55: Do This Daily To Make More Money

If you are wondering how you can ensure to increase you income over time, then pay attention and listen in on today’s episode! I remember back in 2013 working at my 9-5 listening to Brian Tracy, he would always say that the more money he invested into his personal and business development, his income would go up! I never understood … Read More

EP 54: What I Learned in 2015

Well its time to head into 2016 and say our goodbyes to 2015. Since the start of my entrepreneurial career (if you want to call it a career?) in early 2013, I have had various ups and downs in with levels of success, as should be EXPECTED when going down such a path. However, 2015 threw a whole new set … Read More