EP 53: How fitness will help you conquer LIFE

FIRST of all, Merry Christmas!! Ok, now on to today’s topic =) …. One of my favorite quotes is “when in doubt, go workout!”. This couldn’t be anymore true for my life. I believe that almost anything that I have been able to accomplish in life is from overcoming “that little voice” in my head. In my opinion there is … Read More

EP 52: Staying Focused While Under Pressure

When we are in high pressure situations, many times that is the hardest time to stay focused! In these moments we think irrationally and get easily side tracked from out real goals. In today’s episode I talk about how to stay FOCUSED and maintain your course no matter the storm you might be in. Subscribe on iTunes,  SoundCloud or Download   … Read More

EP 51: Overly Positive Polly Vs Getting Results

  Is it possible to be “overly positive”? While I personally believe being “overly positive” is responsible for a lot of the success that I’ve ever achieved in life, I also think it hurt me in many ways. Big time. When you are “overly Positive”, its easy to get caught in the fog (or la-la-land) of “everything is A-Ok and … Read More

EP 50: Always Be Closing – ABC of Success

In today’s episode Ander’s (from SuccessInTheUS.com) and I talk about the “ABC for Success. A.b.c. stands for Always Be Closing. “ABC” is an awareness, mindset and responsible for getting results! Subscribe on iTunes,  SoundCloud or Download   TailoredEtv & Podcast Anders’s websites and contact info: SuccessInTheUS.com Facebook   Did you enjoy the podcast? What was your biggest take away from today’s … Read More

EP 49: Push Through – Pushing Through to Get What You Want

My good friend Anders from SuccessInTheUS.com and I go on a “success rant” on pushing through to get what you want. Many of us get exited when we start a new project, get into a new relationship or start a business, however, you are inevitably going to run into countless road blocks and hurdles. Its your ability to PUSH THROUGH … Read More

EP 48 – How to Create Marketing Messages with Integrity with Lisa Manyon

Lisa is The Business Marketing Architect and creator of a simple 3-step Challenge. Solution. Invitation. formula to create marketing messages with integrity as featured in Inc. Magazine and Best-selling books Wonder Women and Engage. Lisa received the People’s Choice Award at the California Women’s Conference. Unlike most copywriters and people that write marketing messages present a problem, agitate that problem … Read More

EP 47: How To Successfully Crowd Fund Your Idea with Brandon Adams

Brandon is the Founder of the University of Young Entrepreneurs and Author of Keys to the Crowd: Unlocking the Power of Crowdfunding. Brandon is a crowdfunding expert who helps others create and launch successful crowdfunding campaigns and appears on TV regularly promoting campaigns across the country. Subscribe on iTunes,  SoundCloud or Download   The Tailored Entrepreneur Podcast Brandon’s websites and contact … Read More

EP 46: How To Be an Ultra Athlete & Live for Greatness with George Hood

George Hood is an ultra athlete who holds 9 world records. He is a certified personal trainer, Group-X instructor, former Marine and In 1995, Hood was hired as a Special Agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. George also owns and operates a successful business known as Oceanside Paddle board in Oceanside, CA. Subscribe on iTunes,  SoundCloud or Download   The … Read More

EP 44: Make BOLD moves & create your own vision with Samuel Wagner

Samuel Wagner is a young entrepreneur who is on a serious mission. While studying engineering at the University of California San Diego at the age of 21, Samuel knew he wanted more. He made his first 100k making aggressive moves in the stock market in order to get start up capital for future entrepreneurial endeavors. Now Samuel is the president … Read More