EP 60: The Ultimate Leader, Mission To Mars & Passion To Profits with Julian Bolster

Alright so we are back with an interview episode and I could not wait to get this one of to you! Before I give you a brief overview of what we talked about, first who is Julina Bolster? Julian is a internationally recognized Business Coach an infectious Leadership Visionary, and a global advisor to the MarsOne Space Program. He has also consulted hundreds of business leaders, celebrities, CEOs and multi-million dollar corporations on how to transform every level of their career, personal lives and stretched them to the outer limit of their leadership abilities!

In the conversation I had with Julian, we talked about a ton of stuff. Basically everything from the start of his entrepreneurial journey, why he is so passionate about the mission to Mars (how it applies to entrepreneurship/greatness), how to be an ultimate leader in anything you do and how to create a business you LOVE.

This is The Tailored Entrepreneur podcast (Keyword “Tailored” Entrepreneur) and one of the questions I ask most of my guests is:

What advice would you give a would-be entrepreneur that wants to create a business/online business that is tailor-made to their PASSIONS?”

After asking this question to a few dozen successful entrepreneurs, Ive got a lot of GREAT responses. However, I usually get a variation of relatively the same thing. “Decide what you absolutely love and build a business around that”, “write out 10 things you are most passionate about and narrow it down to one or two topics”, “Ask others what they think YOU are the most passionate about and go with that”.

When I asked this question to Julian, he gave a very interesting response. He said, “First, TRULY find what your passion is. What is that one thing you can NOT go without, what is it that you are unwilling to go without on a daily/weekly basis, either for yourself or for other people?” When he put it that way, It just made perfect sense. If you dont know what you’re passion is, what is it you cant go without or are unwilling to go without? Once you know that, you have the ability to create the perfect business!


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