Leave others in a better state then when you found them

Leave others in a better state then when you found them For your close friends and family, leaving them in a better state on a daily basis is a given (obviously)! Haha. However, when it comes to co-workers, acquaintances, when dating, or anyone that you come in contact with on a daily basis, you want to spread good vibs and … Read More

EP 40: Developing a sense of urgency

Developing a sense of urgency First of all, what is urgency? Urgency is a combination of a few things. Three of the more important things that create a sense of urgency are your thoughts, behaviors and feelings. It is having a gut level determination to deal with a certain situation or task. Creating a sense of urgency on a daily … Read More

Square Cash App Review – WHAT WHY & HOW

Square Cash App Review   This app created by Square Inc, is a HUGE break through in how we transfer money! No more having to run to the ATM in order to pay back your buddy from spotting you the night before. You can just use the Square Cash App and send your friend(s) money directly to their bank account … Read More

A Day In The Life – Venture To “The Mecca”

A Day In The Life… My good friend Chloe Karoub, CEO Of FitnessRich.com came here to San Diego for a week to visit some of her FitnessRich team members, work a little bit and to enjoy the sun! I met up with Chloe and a few of the FitnessRich teammates to crush it at “The Mecca”/Golds Gym in Venice beach. … Read More

Facebook boost post – increase blog traffic [Tutorial]

Facebook boost post – increase blog traffic [Tutorial] If you are some what new to blogging, you might wonder, “if I start blogging.. who is going to read my stuff?” Even if you have been blogging for a while and still don’t get many readers, you might be wondering how to get MORE readers.. yah? If so, this “Facebook boost … Read More

How to deal with lazy days

How to deal with lazy days No matter how inspired you are in life, some days you are going to feel lazy. Have you ever felt lazy and didn’t want to do much of anything? I have definitely been there! The BAD lazy days you don’t want to get trapped in are the days you are avoiding to do important … Read More

EP 39: Sales Tips For Success with Calvin Wayman

Calvin is a dude who has gone through several frustrations and struggles–just like EVERY entrepreneur does. If he could have won an award for the worst salesman in his phone sales company, he would have won it. Calvin went from one of the worst salesman his boss/mentor has ever seen to being in the top 3 salesman out of 2oo in his … Read More

Make a commitment to the process

Make a commitment to the process Taking the very first step towards your dreams/goals is without a doubt a BIG accomplishment. Sometimes that’s the hardest step. However, once you do take that first leap, its important to understand that the second, third, fourth, fifth.. one hundredth step and beyond is JUST as important. Remember, success in a journey, not a … Read More