15 Second Motivation

  “For me the way I viewed life, is that you only live once. You have all f*cking eternity to be dead. Why not live doing something you like, even if you never make it, you are at least trying to achieve something you like vs doing something you don’t like and going through the comfort zone of society” My … Read More

How to make a YouTube thumbnail (for dummies)

What is a YouTube thumbnail? A YouTube thumbnail is a picture that is displayed for your video when someone is searching for your video in YouTube (see example below) How to create a YouTube thumbnail [Video Tutorial]         What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below..  

EP 11: Jairek Robbins – 3 Keys To Create Your Ideal Life

Mr.Jairek Robbins, A man dedicated to helping professionals like you Achieve Success by Living With Purpose in your life and business!   At only 23 years old, Jairek was awarded the Congressional Award (Gold Medal) from the United States Congress. Today, the 30 year old with over a decade of performance coaching experience continues to unlock secrets for maximizing performance … Read More

EP 10: Goal Setting – The Power of 30 Days

Sometimes we give ourselves a false sense of reality about goal setting, at least I know I used to! #1 Some of us don’t set goals because we trick our minds to think we already know what to do and don’t think writing the goals down will do any good.#2 Some of us don’t write our goals down because it … Read More

How To Download YouTube Videos

How To Download YouTube Videos If you are wanting to learn how to download a YouTube video and learn more about video marketing, you have definitely come to the right place. #1 I recommend that you use Firefox as your primary web browser. Firefox is ideal because you can use a ton of really cool add ons (like the YouTube … Read More

15 Second Motivation Punch

  I was listening to some motivational talks/music (parts of talks spliced in with music) as usual and I heard something that gave me chills… “..Setting goals that are too attainable and then you achieve them.. You will be content with that shallow victory because you don’t feel that negative emotion of failure. But, you won’t achieve what you could … Read More

People Are Awesome

  While you might not physically be able to do most of the stuff in the “People Are Awesome” video (I sure as heck know i’m not going to suspend myself thousands of feet in the air or do a triple back flip on a bike), however, watching this video can say quite a bit about what you as a … Read More

Successful Online Business Through Communities (LONGEVITY!)

  If you want to build a successful online business, you need to understand one very, very, very important thing.. ..COMMUNITY, is king. Period. If you look at anyone who runs a successful online business they are building some type of community. Whether that is through an email list, YouTube subscribers, Podcast listeners, Facebook Fan page likes, Instagram followers, twitter … Read More

Create Your Own Economy with Your Own Online Business

Create Your Own Economy Here Why blame the economy or the government when you can just create your OWN economy? You’re probably like, “Hm, create my own economy huh?? ..r-i-i-ght (sarcasm)!” Well, the way the economy works is pretty simple. Person “A” (consumer/customer) gives person “B” (Business/Person with a product or service) their money for something in return that is … Read More