How to face knee-weakening adversity and bounce back stronger than ever with Jeff Davis

As we go through life, we are challenged in many ways. At times we face small setbacks, while other times we are face with situations that can bring us to our knees, or in extreme cases like Jeff Davis, even contemplate suicide to escape the pain. In our interview we dive deep into how your biggest setbacks can be your single biggest opportunity for MASSIVE growth in your life.

When you truly understand what Jeff talks about in his book (Reach Your Mountaintop) and what we are talking about in this interview, absolutely nothing can hold you back from creating the life you want. If things in life your life are going great, awesome! If things are not going so great in your life and/or you are faced with a huge setback, understand you can use that seemingly negative energy to dig deep into your soul to find your life’s purpose and create deep fulfillment from within you.

Make sure to grab a copy of Jeff book Here: Reach Your Mountaintop: 10 Keys to Finding the Hidden Opportunity in Your Setbacks, Flipping What You’ve Heard on Its Head, and Achieving Legendary Goals


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