EP 58: The Truth about Success vs Failure

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     Whatever you set out to do in life, you are going to get some kind of feedback, positive or negative. Your perception of that feedback is going to determined the results you ultimately produce at the end of the day, (or your life). A certain degree of failure (large or small) is absolutely inevitable on the journey to success.

4 Ideas to Minimize Failure:

– Analysis paralysis/inaction: The thoughts in our own head are more often than not more torturous than actually taking the first step. Just GET STARTED and you’ll realize the sense of pride from taking action is more fulfilling than sitting around wondering all day “what if”?

– Thinking you have to read the manual before hand: Did you play Mario Cart when you were a kid (if not, some other video game)? If so, did you make sure to read the entire manual before popping in the game to play? Of course not! You put the game in, got a feel for how to play it and became a pro in the first 24 hours! You most likely did this with everything you started as a kid, such as riding a bike, rollerblading, probably even shooting your first bb gun!minimize-failure

Although I DO suggest having a basic understanding of what you are setting out to do, don’t get tied up thinking you have to know everything before you start. Take action and you will get a FEEL for how to do it!

– Version 1.0 is far better than 0.0: When I created my first affiliate membership site, I was struggling to get it finished because I wanted to get everything “perfect”. This quote helped me get it done!

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late” – Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn

Whatever project you want to take on, get the first version out ASAP. Once it is out, make corrections and improve upon it!

– F.E.A.R.: Much like analysis paralysis, fear can stop you in your tracks. Understanding F.E.A.R. as an acronym may help you look at it differently, thus help you to move forward! F.E.A.R – False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

4 ideas to increase Success:

– 80/20 (80% action, 20% research): You should spend at least 20% of your effort researching your task at hand and 80% of your time in execution!

– Massive imperfect action: Action on fire is better than knowledge on ice!The Truth about Success vs Failure

– Take action before you know what your are doing: Even if you don’t have all of the answers, things will become more clear each step of the way. Its like standing in dense fog, you can only see maybe ten yards in front of you, but as you move forward, the next ten yards appear, so on and so forth.

– Hard work: In order to achieve any amount of greatness, it’s going to take a MASSIVE amount of sweat equity. Period.


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